Tetsugaku, vol. 4 (2020)


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Philosophy in East Asia

Xu Yingjin
  How Could Ōmori Shōzō Use Wittgenstein to Fight against Wittgenstein? (Click to read)

Cheung Ching-yuen
  Philosophy for Emperors: Some Lessons to Learn from the Imperial New Year’s Lectures (Click to read)

Special Theme: Analytic Asian Philosophy

  On the Ontological Status of the Past: Ōmori Shōzō and Paul Ricoeur (Click to read)

Zhang Ligeng
  A Wittgensteinian Approach to Reconsidering Nishida’s Basho of True Nothing (Click to read)

Miikael-Adam Lotman
  The Problem of Meaning in Nishida’s Early Writings (Click to read)

HONDA Masaya
  Right Action: Development-Based Virtue Ethical Account (Click to read)

Mark Siderits
  Meta-Cognition Without a Cognizer: Buddhist Non-Self and Awareness of Awareness (Click to read)

MITANI Naozumi
  Beyond Monism and Pluralism: On Dōgen’s Pan-Self-Ist Turn of Metaphysics (Click to read)

MORIYAMA Shinya, SAKON Takeshi
  Dōgen on Time and the Self (Click to read)

Liu Kuan-ling
  A Contrarian View of the Philosophy of Zhuangzi,“Seeing Zhuangzi as Confucian” (Click to read)

Liu Chi Yen
  The Similarity between Buddhist Logic and Assertion Theory: Exclude Pakṣa and Context (Click to read)

Chen Hsun-Mei, Wang Wen-Fang
  One Negation, Two Ways of Using It: Prasajyapratiṣedha in Bhāviveka and Candrakīrti’s Argumentation (Click to read)


  « Le langage conditionne la pensée » Le son et le signe chez Levinas (Click to read)

Editorial Notes (Click to read)

Call for Papers for Tetsugaku Vol.5, 2021 Spring (Click to read)